WA Roller Derby was formed in 2009 in order to bring a sport, which has been growing exponentially across the globe, to all corners of Western Australia. The league is a grassroots, volunteer run, not-for-profit sports organisation. We have skaters training all over the Perth Metro area. These skaters make up our two competing home teams, Atomic Sirens and Sonic Doom, and our travel teams WARDs of the Skate and The WayWARD Rollers.

Roller derby, having faded after previous popularity, has been back with a vengeance since the early 2000s. Now there are leagues all over the world putting on events which draw thousands of fans. It is a women’s full contact sport 100% real 100% athletic. These girls have a combination of skill, strength and stamina that most footy players would be pressed to match. It’s tough, it’s brutal, it’s fast and it’s fun.