The Quads of War

On a chilly evening in May, Perth roller derby fans crowded around the rink at the Quads of War bout to witness the first clash in what, hopefully, will be a long running and friendly cross town rivalry. From the suicide zone to the bleachers the crowd cheered as Bunbury Roller Derby put up a brave fight against home town team Perth Roller Derby’s Rumble Bees, but went down 177 to 82. However, as spectators grabbed drinks in between the two bouts, they had no idea how massive this, Perth’s first ever double header, interleague event, really was.

PRD All Stars is, clearly, a strong, skilled team but from the moment our WARDs of the Skate entered the rink to the beats of It’s a Hard Knock Life, they owned the hearts and minds of the sell-out crowd. WARD skated hard during a gut wrenching first few jams in which PRD’s blockers and jammer Annie Thingoes rocketed PRD several grand slams up before WARD could get a score on the board. Undeterred, the WARD Horde cheered for our skaters and finally lifted the roof as Hot Wheels got WARDS first single point.

The bout was a tough battle, with every single point fought hard for by WARD against a powerful opposition. By half time, WARD had closed some ground, with the score at 99 to 33 as the Horde grabbed a drink to ease their strained vocal chords. In the second half WARD jammer Serenity Pow made her guts and impressive speed felt, but was effectively blocked by PRD. Far from frustrated, Sen persevered to come out with MVP. Hot Wheels was dangerous as jammer, and each time she came around the track the WARD Horde roared its approval. On the PRD side, Annie Thingoes and Cat Cholera worked magic for their team. Though PRD proved to be too much for the WARDs of the Skate this time, the (very loud) support of the valuable WARD fans meant our girls left the Speed Dome with smiles on their faces, despite the final score of 188 to 76. The new kids on the block may not have been victorious on this occasion, but they certainly made themselves heard.

Watch this space for news of WARD’s upcoming intraleague season, in which the Electric Screams and the Sonic Doom will do battle on the track.

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