Block to the Future

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Sonic Doom and Electric Screams greet each other on the track. Photo courtesy of Peter Granheim Photography.

WA Roller Derby went back to the future Saturday night as Sonic Doom continued its unbeaten record winning 99 to 86 against the ever more powerful Electric Screams.  Block to the Future was full of WARD’s signature entertainment, from a DeLorean for photo opportunities to Sonic Doom’s dance-off style skate out, but the action on the track was still the highlight with the scores tied several times.

Screams’ jammers Hot Wheels and Ophelia Terror were beaten to near exhaustion by Doom’s heavy hitters Neon D’Fleur and WARD newcomer Femme Ferrox in the first few jams but the underdogs kept coming back. Doom’s effective defence was matched with the skill of jammers Serenity Pow and Dotty Deranged against whom Screams’ blockers Damanda Respect and  Juicy M Suffer put up strong resistance. The crowd was on the edge of its collective seat as the score tied 42 all going into half time. Band WrongTown entertained fans in the break but the fighting spirit was back on the track before the second half with WARD’s first ever and fiercely competitive Under 12s Balloon Race.

Damanda Respect, Serenity Pow and Ophelia Terror. Photo courtesy of Peter Granheim Photography.

In the second half the Screams fooled Doom with a quick show of aggression playing all-rounder Madamage and then the lithe Steely Niel as jammers to take the lead but the scores were tied again soon enough. Doom gave the Screams’ hopes short shrift and jammers Modern Warfare and crowd-pleaser Karmen Adairya opened up a narrow lead for the black and blue. Ferrox was noteable jamming in the second half, standing back from the jammer line to get a swift run up and having the blocking skills to match her speed.

Smart team play is the beginning and the end of every roller derby bout and this remained true for Sonic Doom at Block to the Future. From wise line-up choices to hard hitting, Doom did everything to maintain its unblemished win tally. Screams was due for a win this time and fought bravely but faced a solid wall of Doom blockers time and time again. Slow starts and knee down starts were used sparingly and the crowd cheered for more right up to the end. The efforts of Screams’ Madamage and Respect were rewarded with most feared player and most valued player respectively, while Doom’s Adairya and Warfare took out the prizes for their team.

The bitter end of this season will be a battle fought in a galaxy far far away. See the Screams and Doom face each other one last time this year at Return of the Jammer November 12. Tickets are on sale online now.

Meanwhile, don’t miss the chance to see WARD’s very best skaters line up against Perth Roller Derby’s Rumble Bees and Perth Roller Derby’s All Star team line up against North Brisbane Rollers Brawl Stars at the Night of the Skating Dead double header on October 29. Tickets on sale online now.

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