September WARDian of the Month: Bowie SinSkates

Bowie SinSkates
Her lightning fast jamming skills reflected in the lightning strike of her bout face, this is a skater who puts her whole heart into derby. In this short season she has joined the All-Star WARDs of the Skate team, bouted far and wide for WARD and captained the 2013 Sonic Doom lineup. 
Functioning as part of a team is hard enough, what with real-ife (what’s that?) trying to move in on your derby time, but imagine trying to wrangle 14 skaters into some kind of cohesive unit with all of that going on in their lives too! It takes a person with fierce determination to take on that kind of a challenge. And someone with even fiercer love for her league and teammates to succeed.

Whether it’s coaching fresh meat or tenderising the less fresh meat with her solid blocks, that passion for derby and for WARD is evident. Found at all of our training locations on a regular basis, 

I don’t think there is anyone in our league who doesn’t know September’s WARDian of the month for SHE IS BOWIE.

How did you get into Roller Derby?

My cousin had started skating with WARD and invited me to come along. I had seen Whip It so I vaguely knew what derby was, but I’d never skated before. I’m told my Bambi legs were a sight to behold.

What do you get out of Roller Derby?

I think the question is; What does Roller Derby get out of you? And the answer is ALL MY FREE TIME! Seriously though, I have so many awesome friends and experiences thanks to WARD and roller derby. I even get to go places – just in the past three weeks I have been in Geraldton and Kalgoorlie. Plus Melbourne earlier this year and TGSS next year (hopefully). Hells yeah.
Bowie SinSkates

What has been the highlight of your skating career so far?

It’s got to be when I got MVP at my first bout in WA, against GCR earlier this year. There’s this great photo where everyone looks really happy and I look like I might faint.

Most embarrassing moment?

Well, aside from the I Am Bowie incident, (which you can find elsewhere on this website)… I am quite well-known for wearing small pants to derby. A couple of bouts ago, I obtained the Rainbow Rufflebutt pants, which I love and can never wear anything but these pants (hehe BUT) to a bout ever again. Trouble is, other people love these pants too, including a photographer, who, at the last bout took a photo, too bold to even pretend to be of some derby action. No, this shot was merely a close-up of my butt. And I’m pretty sure I have a wedgie in it. It’s comparable to that shot of Miley Cyrus that’s going around recently.

What are your derby aspirations?

For someone to come up to me in the street and recognise me…

“Say, aren’t you Bowie ‘sinSkates?” they’ll inquire.
“Why, yes I am!” I’ll respond.
“What a wonderful jammer/blocker you are. You don’t fall over much at all” they’ll say.
“Thank you,” I will graciously reply. “Did you know I was once WARDian of the month?”
And how we will laugh, and revel in our newfound cameraderie…

Haha, not really! I just want to get better at derby. I could pick something in particular, but really, I just need to get better at all the things.

Who would you nominate as the next WARDian of the Month?

I nominate her pretty much every month, but this time it’s public! Medusa Cascade, our fair president. She’s much better than many other presidents, she’s never been at Watergate OR persecuted homosexuals. I doubt you could find someone more devoted to WARD, and she does such a great job of presidenting us, it’s quite ridiculous. Also, she is a feminist inspiration, and a lovely person to boot. Viva El Presidente!

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