My Fresh Meat Experience – Goodie 2 Skates

Fresh Meat

By Goodie 2 Skates

After a family outing going skating and ended up in emergency with a possible broken arm, I got the skating bug. A friend suggested we join roller derby, I thought yeah I can do this. So I went to the fresh meat intake registration day, met some great people and became so excited and looked forward to my first training session.

My first night of training ended up been a disaster due to illness but it was the beginning of a great exciting journey. I found out how awesome the girls were and started new friendships.

Liv photoYes roller derby is a sport and I work my butt off but if you just let yourself go, you’ll have so much fun and especially with girls on the same journey that you don’t realise that your getting one hell of a work out. Each week we learn a new skills, some easy and some hard, if you don’t get it there is always someone willing to help you.

After having 3 weeks off due to an op, I felt so far behind and my confident was rocked, was so disappointed in myself. Lounacy the fresh meat coordinator had a good talk and was full of encouragement, went to skate lab the next day and rocked it because I went stress free and didn’t put any pressure on myself after some great advice.

Derby has changed my life and gave me so much confidence, made new friends, I just wished I started it earlier.

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