May WARDian of the Month: Short Fuse

Photographer:  Matthew Boggs

What do you get out of derby?

How much time do you have? Seriously, derby has given me so much and it has been one of the best life choices I have made. Derby has given me an inner strength and empowerment plus a supportive family that I cherish so much. It’s also taught me to love my body as it is. I’m strong and powerful and I love this.

Proudest moment since becoming a WARDian?

Playing with the Waywards in Albany. That was such a rush and I was so proud to wear the Waywards uniform to represent WARD.

Biggest challenge in derby right now?

Life! Managing the life/family/derby balance is a challenge but I will prevail.

What do you do for off skates fitness?

Does having 3 young kids count? If I’m not running around after them I love going to the gym and will do weight sessions a few times a week, mixed in with some cardio. Even though I hate cardio I do it because it’s good for the little jammer inside me.

Any training tips?

In those moments when you want to give up and not go to training, put your gear in your car and go anyway. If you get there and still don’t want to skate, then actively observe the session. You don’t always have to be on skates to learn new things and being at training means you are surrounded by people that will understand and support you. Also, if something doesn’t make sense the first time it’s explained, keep asking different people till it makes sense! Everyone has a different way of explaining things and we won’t be offended if you need to ask someone else.

Photographer: Matthew Boggs

Photographer: Matthew Boggs

What is your ultimate roller derby goal?

To represent WARD as a WoTS at TGSS. It’s a huge goal and I am not sure I will ready for TGSS 2018 but I am sure as hell going to fight for it whether its 2018 or 2020.

What extra stuff would we find in your derby bag?

Lots of random stuff. From Disney bandaids to Rock tape, paracetamol/ibuprofen, pen and note pad (I like to write stuff down in the car after training otherwise I forget – thanks for the tip, Nails), some kind of dried fruit and nuts and some “wots that smell” spray as I am a bare foot skater and I love my teamies :)

Photographer: Matthew Boggs

Photographer: Matthew Boggs

Who would you nominate as next WARDian of the Month?

There’s so many people who help make WARD an outstanding league that it’s hard nominating one person so I’m going to nominate 2 😀  Both are skaters I admire, genuinely adore and are some of the quiet achievers/helpers of the league – Juicy M Suffer and Axe of Kindness, please stand up!