August WARDian of the Month: Vector

Photo credit:  Matthew Boggs

What got you interested in roller derby?

As my inline hockey friends withered and married, they started believing that the advice about regular exercise no longer applied to them.  I complained to a couple of people at a dinner party about my frustrations about trying to organise “one last game before I threw out my skates”.  One of them was, at the time, a WARD freshie.

After verifying that yes, the rulebook explicitly stated that referees could wear inline skates (9.4.1 at the time, then 8.4.1, then moved to the Officials Dress Code), I turned up and gave it a go. It was my 6th anniversary last week.

What’s your proudest moment since becoming a WARDian?

There are quite a few.  Personally, it was probably being the first WA-based official to pass the WFTDA Certification Referee Rules Test (known around here as “The Test of Doom”), or near-single-handedly (thanks Connie!) organising a very successful (indeed it finished early!) BSC2016.  For Team Zebra, the realisation a couple of years back that we have the strongest officiating crew was another one. For our players, our first major interstate victory at Quad Save The Queen (2015) would have to be it – watching that game was nerve racking.

Photo credit: Matthew Boggs

Photo credit: Matthew Boggs

What’s your biggest challenge right now?

There are a couple – as WA’s biggest league, trying to get to know everyone in WARD – there are so many of us (yay!). The other is to try and work out how to increase the number of dedicated (AND importantly, interested) officials in Western Australia.  By way of example, I’ve just finished consultations regarding the latest BSC roster and we’ve had to cut games and prune structure to fit the limited number of officials available.

What brand of skates do you have?

I wear Seba recreational inline skates with 78A hardness 80mm wheels.  The wheels that came with the skates, basically.  I’m probably due for a new set of skates.  No I’m not planning to change to quad skates :) .

What do you do off skates for fitness?

I’m a member of the gym upstairs at The Rise – I go there a few times a week; I also do clinical Pilates.

Do you have an ultimate roller derby goal?

Refereeing some sort of WFTDA Playoff would be nice.  I also spend a lot of my free time working on ways to increase the level of automation used in derby; some of my ideas getting traction and being used more widely would be cool.

What is your favourite part of training?

Photo credit: Matthew Boggs

Photo credit: Matthew Boggs

Going to Leo’s Pizza afterwards.  Followed closely behind going to McDonalds afterwards.

What is your least favourite part of training?

Gearing up – I wish it was like Centurions (“POWER EXTREME!”) or Iron Man, where you radio your minion or press a button and then all your gear attaches itself to your person magically.

What extra stuff would we find in your gear bag?

Whistles, a set of black and white helmet covers, and my old mouthguard – which I threaten to offer to lend to people who forget to bring theirs to training, and a replacement brake assembly for my skates. I’ve also started carrying a roll of pink track tape with me (I order so much stuff from the good people at Qualtape that they just gifted me a roll).  I put it on my fingers when I’m JRing so that the score I hold up is extra visible.

Featured Image:  Matthew Boggs