September WARDian of the Month: Cleophracture

Photo Credit:  Matthew Boggs

What got you interested in roller derby?

I have an unhealthy obsession with Ellen Page. If I can’t be with her maybe I can be her. Step 1: Babe Ruthless.

Photo Credit: Matthew Boggs

Photo Credit: Matthew Boggs

What’s your proudest moment since becoming a WARDian?

My first ever bout! The first whistle was the scariest moment of my life. I didn’t get lead Jammer once and was petrified of hitting anyone… but it was still the best night of my life!

What’s your biggest challenge at the moment?

Getting my fitness to a level that can manage a full game of Jamming, ideally as lead Jammer!

What brand of skates do you have?

Bonts with Avenger plates.

Cleo 3


What do you do off skates for fitness?

Hiking with my dog and attempting crossfit! Occasionally a bit of CPR.

Do you have an ultimate roller derby goal?

I want to be an epic Jammer, I want to fly around the track, dodge Hella and maybe smash out an apex jump some day. But ultimately I just want to continue to be a part of this incredible league and be happy with my achievements, every day.


What is your favourite roller derby name in the world?

Tora Hymenov. I’m sorry, it’s the best.

What is your favourite part of training?

Jammer Club!!! I learn so much during these sessions.

What is your least favourite part of training?

Honestly, the least favourite parts are just that because they are hard… they end up being the best bits when they stop being hard.

What extra stuff would we find in your gear bag?

Bandaids? It’s a small bag…