January: Fitness

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Every January, people muster up resolutions from health to productivity to better living habits.

At WARD, health is very important. With roller derby being a full contact sport, skaters want to maintain their level of fitness to better enjoy their track time and hold their space in their team. This is true of referees and NSOs too, with referees spending entire bouts on skates and most NSOs spending the entire bout standing up! A typical training session sees a skater burn from around 300 to up to 600 calories. Of course, while physical fitness is great for physical health, it can have a positive effect upon mental health, too. Overall, roller derby has a huge positive impact upon the wellbeing of WARDians.

This year, some of our freshies, referees, NSO and skaters have made an accountability pledge to be fitter, healthier and stronger. You will find them at their local gym, doing Parkruns, swimming, trekking, cycling, outdoor skating, at a skate park or running after their kids (that burns a lot of calories!!)

If you find exercise hard, that’s okay. It can be difficult to start with, especially if you are managing a condition. Perhaps the best thing you can do is to start small, making micro-goals. In order to do this, simply take your bigger goals (e.g. “get fit”) and break this into smaller, more achievable and measurable tasks (e.g. “I would like to run 4km in under 25 minutes.”) We do the same thing at WARD- fresh meat with us, we start small, with a chat at info night, and then we teach you how to skate. As you begin to better understand the rules of derby, we do more realistic drills, and finally, you will be ready to go to scrimmage, and then bout! Overall, we want you to achieve and hit your goals.

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It’s also okay if you’re not successful the first time around. As much as it’s great to have wins, setbacks happen to the best of us, and are just opportunities to perfect your skills. We work in 12-week cycles whereby you can re-do a cycle if you’re not ready to move up a level. In fact, you are welcome to repeat a cycle as many times as you like- there is no pressure to move up the levels at WARD. And repeating a cycle is a great opportunity to perfect your skills! Later, we add some off-skate workouts, which is super helpful if you don’t really have time or money to hit the gym. Slowly, surely, you begin to feel stronger, more confident, and ready to join a team.

Take a look at our 2017 WARDians of the year- they all started small and developed into strong people. You can be one too. Our info nights are 20th and 21st of February but if you can already skate or play Derby let us know.

Malaga event: here

O’Connor event: here

Questions? Emails our Freshmeat Coordinator at freshmeat@warollerderby.com.au

See you in February!