January WARDian of the Month: Maul Rat

How did you first hear about roller derby?

A long, long time ago, in a suburb far, far away… a fresh-faced young St John first aider signed up to an event at Herb Graham Rec Centre. It was for the rolling derbies, a peculiar game mentioned by his friend, a fresh skater called Sylvia Nitrate…

What is something that you know about roller derby now that you wish you knew when you first started?

Pack is, in fact, here.

What is the roller derby goal you are working towards right now?

Refining my Ref wizardry. It’s amazing how much is going on, and how hard it is to see things. When I’m not impersonating a noisy pedestrian crossing though, I dream of jam. Our jammers are so impressive and skilful (and hard to catch), and I’d love to do that.

Photo Credit: Perth Outdoor Rollerblading

What do you do to keep your derby brain switched on?

Off-track, I like to think up social stuff to do with derbyfolk, and do lots of outdoor skating (marathons, woo). On-track, it’s a little realisation that the sport I’m playing is actually really special, and the folks I’m playing it with are totally rad. This thought often happens in the moment after being hit before powersliding across the floor.

Who in WARD is inspiring you at the moment?

I look up to so many people. Carno for her no-nonsense commitment, Cannon Bill for his stalwart dedication and determination to helping out and making derby go, and Slenderjam for his zany antics and crisp skills.

What keeps you enthused about roller derby?

A peculiar need to find out why everyone doesn’t play it. It’s skates, people! Skates! Sport skates! Seriously though, I like the community. It has people in it, which is scary, but everyone’s so interested.

Who do you nominate as our next WARDian of the Month?

Holly War for being the best Holly ever (also super hard to block, seriously). She’s got an eternally bright demeanour and attitude, and always seems keen to help folks out.


Maul Rat at AMRD Nationals. Photo Credit: Torque’n’Gene