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Carnosaurus, WARDian January 2017

January WARDian of the Month: Carno

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How did you get into derby?

I googled unique sports in Perth and Derby came up top of the list. I got exactly what I googled.

What do you get out of derby?

A permanent scar on my behind!!! Drive, determination, friends, laughter and so much more. I enjoy being around a great bunch of people who are like minded.

Photo Credit: Matthew Boggs

Photo Credit: Matthew Boggs

What has been the highlight of your skating career so far?

Playing with the AwkWards, When Lorrae praised my blocking skills, Getting MVP blocker as a Doom, WW MVP blocker and home season most improved Blocker all in 2016. Skating with the WayWards against PRD Bs and bringing the point differential down. So many highlights and hoping for many more.

Most embarrassing moment?

Writing this!!!! I’m my worst critic so writing about myself doesn’t come naturally.

Photo Credit: Matthew Boggs

Photo Credit: Matthew Boggs

Do you have any training tips?

Get to training!! And have a positive can do attitude whilst there. Pick that person that you always avoid because you don’t like their skating style. Then learn to skate with them, you are never going to get the perfect opposition team so get that practice in now and be the stronger person.

What are your derby aspirations?

To be an effective Pivot. Everyone remembers when Modern Warfare took the first points for the WOTS against VRDL!!! THAT PIVOT………

Who would you nominate as next WARDian of the Month?

Every coach, every person I have skated with and every future coach and skaters- teach me all the Derby things!!!!


Featured Photo Credit:  Matthew Boggs.


Whisky 2

December WARDian of the Month: Whisky Sour

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I am so excited about this person receiving December’s WARDian of the Month that I am just going to get straight to it – come on down Whisky Sour!!!

Whisky is one of our longest standing fully active members. What she has done for the league is truly amazing.  If WARD had a Hall of Fame Whisky would be in it!

Whisky’s WARD rap sheet looks like this:

  • President (2 years)
  • Inter-league Co-ordinator (creating Derby West)
  • Captain of our A team
  • Bench Manager for our A team
  • Bench Coach for our home team
  • Captain of our home team
  • WARD’s WFTDA rep
  • Bout Co-ordinator
  • Team Co-ordinator – which is not a walk in the park role, organising home and travel teams for next year
  • and lastly, heading up the Top 30 committee.

Whisky works tirelessly day in day out wrangling people, writing policies, organising stuff and just generally being a paragon of what we all aspire to be. (I think I have a new derby crush *swoon)

She also juggles a full time job, three delightful but intense children and one loud hairy man. (That’s Sid’s words not mine!)

We love you Whisky and cannot thank you enough for all you have done to make our league even more awesome!

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