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WA Roller Derby Presents: Pivot Of Oz

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We’re not in Kansas anymore. WA Roller Derby has been whisked away to the wonderful land of Oz for its first intraleague bout of the season. In this dream world, WARD teams Sonic Doom and Electric Scream have new players, new captains and an all new look. Favourites such as Taye Q Down, Juicy M Suffer, Steely Neil and Karmen Adairya will still be there and so will WARD’s newest All Star Hot Wheels. Added to the line-up will be new heroes such as Dotty Deranged, Darth Vida, Madamage and Kalgoorlie skaters including Bang Bang Lou Lou.

Playing in a roller derby bout is the reward at the end of a long yellow brick road of training, perseverance and a refusal to let this tough sport get you down. WARD is thrilled to be able to welcome so many newly bouting skaters to the two teams. But there will be no wizard on the track, just brutal blockers, savvy pivots and determined jammers. With a combination of experience and new talent, the teams will be tougher, faster and smarter than ever before.

There may be no ruby roller skates to get these skaters home but WARD girls bring their brain, courage and, perhaps most importantly, heart to each bout. Which team will have the strength and skill to claim victory? As always, the night will have market stalls, merchandise and entertainment as well as some of the State’s newest derby girls in action. Be trackside to see the Screams and Dooms new uniforms unveiled, see their new players love the hell out of roller derby and cheer loud for your favourite skaters.

WARD’s last bout sold out so roller derby fans should get their tickets early to avoid disappointment.

When: Saturday, August 20. Doors open 6pm, first whistle at 7pm.

Where: Midvale Speed Dome. Eddie Barron Drive, Midvale

Tickets: $11 adults, $6 children  – available online (Booking fees may apply)

Other things: Midvale Speed Dome gets a little chilly, so rug up. Bring a cushion if you’d like to sit rinkside (at your own risk, over 18s only). There will be marketstalls, merchandise, food and drink for sale (including a licensed section) but no ATM so bring cash.

Across The Skate Divide

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WA’s first ever interstate bout, Across the Skate Divide was a hit with more than 1000 roller derby fans. Hosted by your very own WA Roller Derby (WARD) the bout against Melbourne’s South Sea Roller Derby (SSRD) kept the sold out crowd cheering with all the hard hits and quick feet fans were promised.

SSRD had a slow start that allowed the local girls to rocket up to 43 points in the first ten jams but the visitors soon found their feet. With a small but loud group of fans in the crowd, the visitors clearly had a ball during the first half and by half time were 84 to WARD’s 51.

Photo: Peter Granheim

The teams went into the second half with no less intensity, even an anxious wait as paramedics carried SSRD blocker Sailor Mouth Sadie off the track with a broken leg did not slow the Melbourne girls’ growing points tally. SSRD jammer Mad Mel Arena dominated over WARD’s blockers and the visitors’ heavy hitters got the better of the fastest local jammers in Swifty Shifty and the ever popular Hot Wheels. However, the crowd did not dismay cheering the girls on whatever the score. Ophelia Terror proved effective in gathering points for WARD and Hot Wheels had a few of her own grand slams.  However, nothing could stop the Melbourne girls and the final score of WARD’s 80 to SSRD 132 reflected a hard fought battle on both sides.

Blocker The Flyin’ Nun Chucker was named Most Valued Player for SSRD and Taye Q Down was WARD’s stand out performer. In a first for WA Roller Derby, Team Zebra representative Ezy Peazy was named Most Valued Ref. The bout was a rollicking first for the local roller derby scene and the Perth skaters look forward to meeting SSRD on the track again soon.

Photo: Peter Granheim

Across The Skate Divide – WA Roller Derby vs South Sea Roller Derby

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WA Roller Derby (WARD) is proud to present the first ever interstate bout to be held in Western Australia.

In Across the Skate Divide WARD skaters will pit their speed and courage against the strength and agility of Melbourne’s South Sea Roller Derby (SSRD). SSRD may be out to serenade and shipwreck the local girls but our skaters have a few tricks up their ragged sleeves. Both teams will be determined to give no quarter as they hit hard, skate fast, in an event to get the heart of the saltiest sea dog racing and the spectators roaring for their favourite team. Grab a cup of rum because whether you sing sea shanties or It’s a Hard Knock Life, no bout would be complete without a horde of scurvy roller derby fans packed into the suicide zone.

Unique among derby leagues, WARD has become renowned for its commitment to participation and inclusion. More than 100 passionate skaters train at multiple locations from Kwinana to Kalgoorlie up to five times a week to develop their skills, strength and endurance.

South Sea Roller Derby (SSRD) was founded by former Victorian Roller Derby League member, Misty Meaner, in 2009. Today SSRD has more than 50 members in the form of skaters, refs and officials. South Sea Sirens is the league’s travel team and Across the Skate Divide will be its first interstate bout.

This is not the last generation’s roller derby, this is the roller derby revolution. With tough competition like SSRD, the local girls will need their WARD Horde in full voice to cheer their team into WA Roller Derby history.

Where – Speed Dome, Eddie Barron Drive, Midvale

When – Saturday July 16th. Doors open at 6.15pm. Bout begins 7pm.

Other – Dress warm as the venue can get chilly. Bring a cushion if you plan to sit on the edge of the track (at your own risk). Licenced venue with food and drink available. Market stalls featuring local businesses and league merchandise will be track side.



$11 Adult & $6 Child

Click here to purchase tickets online now.

or you can buy tickets from any of the below outlets:

Talk To Me Derby – Unit 3 #872 Beaufort st, Inglewood,
Rolloways Skating Rink – 352a South St, O’Connor
Planet Video – 636 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley
(See links for opening times. Booking fees may apply.)

The Quads of War

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On a chilly evening in May, Perth roller derby fans crowded around the rink at the Quads of War bout to witness the first clash in what, hopefully, will be a long running and friendly cross town rivalry. From the suicide zone to the bleachers the crowd cheered as Bunbury Roller Derby put up a brave fight against home town team Perth Roller Derby’s Rumble Bees, but went down 177 to 82. However, as spectators grabbed drinks in between the two bouts, they had no idea how massive this, Perth’s first ever double header, interleague event, really was.

PRD All Stars is, clearly, a strong, skilled team but from the moment our WARDs of the Skate entered the rink to the beats of It’s a Hard Knock Life, they owned the hearts and minds of the sell-out crowd. WARD skated hard during a gut wrenching first few jams in which PRD’s blockers and jammer Annie Thingoes rocketed PRD several grand slams up before WARD could get a score on the board. Undeterred, the WARD Horde cheered for our skaters and finally lifted the roof as Hot Wheels got WARDS first single point.

The bout was a tough battle, with every single point fought hard for by WARD against a powerful opposition. By half time, WARD had closed some ground, with the score at 99 to 33 as the Horde grabbed a drink to ease their strained vocal chords. In the second half WARD jammer Serenity Pow made her guts and impressive speed felt, but was effectively blocked by PRD. Far from frustrated, Sen persevered to come out with MVP. Hot Wheels was dangerous as jammer, and each time she came around the track the WARD Horde roared its approval. On the PRD side, Annie Thingoes and Cat Cholera worked magic for their team. Though PRD proved to be too much for the WARDs of the Skate this time, the (very loud) support of the valuable WARD fans meant our girls left the Speed Dome with smiles on their faces, despite the final score of 188 to 76. The new kids on the block may not have been victorious on this occasion, but they certainly made themselves heard.

Watch this space for news of WARD’s upcoming intraleague season, in which the Electric Screams and the Sonic Doom will do battle on the track.


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On May 21st WA Roller Derby will finally take on Perth Roller Derby in WA’s first ever intrastate derby bout! This match-up has been eagerly anticipated since the formation of WARD in 2009, and is finally happening at the biggest derby event in the state’s history.

The night starts with Perth Roller Derby’s B Team, The Rumble Bees, taking on Bunbury Roller Derby. Then later in the night you will be introduced to the very first WARD All-Star team … your WARDs of the Skate! The team features some of your favourite skaters from last year’s home bouting season, along with new and up-and-coming skaters from each of WARD’s training locations.

Perth Roller Derby is renowned for its power and ambition. Training out of Morley and with some of the most formidable and established derby skaters in the state they are a focused group of women with an amazing passion for developing a team to take on anything.

Training in multiple metro and country locations across 600km and open to new skaters of any level at all times, WA Roller Derby is the younger of the two leagues. Recognised for its unorthodox efforts to spread the sport across the state our girls will drive for hours to train and coach. Focused on providing opportunity and connection between the league, its skaters, the sport and the community our girls have passion, dedication and enthusiasm. However will this be enough to match the ardent efforts of PRD’s blockers?

Our All-Star WARDs of the Skate can’t promise anything other than 100% effort, tenacious skating, loving the hell outta roller derby and winning at the after party!

It’s a Hard Knock Life.


Sorry to all those that missed out on tickets.  CLICK HERE to join our mailing list so you will be notified of all future bouts. Hope to see you soon.

Your All-Star WARDs of the Skate team on the night will be:

Damanda Respect 675
Dotty Deranged 27
Hot Wheels 000
Juicy M. Suffer 333
Karmen Adairya 41
Modern Warfare M4
Ophelia Terror 1408
Serenity Pow 73
Shifty Swifty so5
Slam Krunk 18
Starry Knightmare 574R
Steely Niel 88
Taye Q. Down 53
Whisky Sour 44

All-Stars in Reserve

A-Ken Bones 911
Darth Vida V8
Xanadon’t 42

Bench Staff

Bench Manager – Sid Down
Assistant Bench Manager – Leannarchist

For skater pics and profiles click HERE

New Logo!

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OUR NEW LOGO!!! – Massive thanks to all those that submitted their amazing work… we are so grateful xx This incredible effort was created by Steve Dance and I think you’ll all agree.. it’s awesome!

New Logo

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WA Roller Derby has decided it’s time for a new logo!! We are now open for submissions from volunteers who would like to have a go at designing something awesome which will be featured on uniforms, merch and more!! Email for more details of what we need.

Kalgoorlie Bout

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Photo: Travis Anderson -

On the 12th of February WA Roller Derby was honoured to go and visit our Gold City Roller girls and skate in their first ever local bout alongside girls from 4 other leagues. An incredible sold out crowd cheered on the two teams, Rotten Candy and Bleeding Hearts, which featured a mix of some of the states best skaters.

Bleeding Hearts took an early lead and built on that to be far ahead at half time. However in the second half Rotten Candy came back to within 15 points, a score that can be achieved in only two minutes in this game. Though eventually, time ran out for Rotten Candy with their point resurgence coming too late to after Bleeding Hearts dominating early game.

This was a huge step for roller derby in WA which showcased just how far our skaters have come and how far fans of this amazing sport have spread.

A huge thank you to the Gold City Rollers for their hospitality and epic after party efforts, to Bunbury Roller Derby, Perth Roller Derby & Townsville Roller Derby for the beautiful bruises and to April O’Squeal for organising this amazing event and inviting us to come play. Can’t wait to go back and see all our new Goldfields fans again!

Kalgoorlie Bloody Valentine Bout

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There’s something EPIC going on in the desert. For the first time ever the skaters you love from your very own WA Roller Derby will be on track with girls from Perth Roller Derby & Bunbury Roller Derby in a red hot exhibition bout brought to you by the Gold City Rollers.

Teams, Rotten Candy and Bleeding Hearts, will be a select mix of some of the best skaters in WA so join the mass exodus of derby fans that weekend & head to Kal for a road trip to remember …. We’ll see you there!

  • Sat 12th of Feb
  • Brookman Street Basketball Stadium, Cnr Brookman & Outridge, Kalgoorlie.
  • Doors Open at 6pm – First Whistle at 7pm
  • Tickets available from Celebration City, Brookman Street Basketball Stadium and online. Adult $10, Children $5 (booking fees may apply depending on outlet)