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Boom State Clash

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Boom. State. Clash.

Three words that loomed in our minds, I’m sure, for months. We’ve all heard of TGSS and Rollercon, these fantastic tournaments and workshops, with derby idols zooming past you on and off the track. We’d been given tips and tricks from those lucky few who got to rub shoulders with the derby-elite in far off places. But to have our very own? Here? In WA? THIS year? It seemed an unreal possibility, something we dared not dream of, in case we jinxed it. Yet, thanks to THE ORGANISERS* who dared to speak its name, skaters refs and NSOs from all over the boom state had the opportunity to gather to play, learn and watch some actual real-life roller derby with skaters from over ten different leagues!

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Bout of Thrones: Winter is coming

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Winter arrived!

On a chilly Saturday night in June, the hordes flooded the gates of Kingsway Indoor Stadium to witness the battle unfold between the proud houses of Sonic Doom and the Electric Screams.

Dressed in team colours and everything Game of Thrones themed: Daeneres, Brieens, Pirates and Dragons, the near capacity crowd enjoyed the hot food vans, the cold beer at the bar and a variety of market stalls before settling in to watch the Screams and Dooms unveil their new line ups, new uniforms and new strategies.
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Return of the Jammer returns

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A review by WARD skater Bubblin’ Squeaks:

A long time ago (well, last weekend), in a galaxy far, far away (Midvale, to be precise), the WA Roller Derby skaters returned to the Speed Dome, with the Electric Screams looking to snatch victory from the clutches of the undefeated Sonic Doom. Return of the Jammer was the last bout of the season for the fearless WARD skaters, and with spirits running high after the league’s recent success over the Perth Roller Derby Rumble Bees, there was no doubt that the night would be a no-holds-barred, intergalactic battle.

With supporters of both sides gathered and ready, the light-sabres were drawn, and the Screams and Dooms prepared to unleash the force in explosive fashion, with Screams’ Hot Wheels and Doom’s Femme Ferox going head-to-head in the first jam of the night. Right from the start it was clear that both teams had brought their A game and sadly Doomer favourite Taye Q. Down was wiped out by rebel Scream forces within the first minute of play. After a nail-biting break, the ever-ready Taye was back on her feet, although Doom’s confidence appeared to be knocked as Electric Screams came out on top, taking the lead 6-4 after the first jam. Could this be Screams’ night?

Could it be Screams' night? Image courtesy of Peter Granheim Photography.

Lightening quick play dominated the night, with Serenity Pow jamming for the Dooms as if her life depended on it, some furious blocking from both teams, and Screams’ Whisky Sour sending Karmen Adairya down. In typical Doom style Karmen shrugged off the smackdown and got straight back onto the track. Halfway through the first half Sonic Doom were powering ahead 38-18. Electric Screams’ grit and determination, which we have seen all year, was apparent but Dooms countered every badass attack with moves of their own. Towards the back end of the first half, Sonic Doom jammer Modern Warfare was banished to the penalty box, leaving Screams’ uber-jammer Hot Wheels capturing as many points as her shiny silver booty could manage.

Approaching the half-time whistle, both teams started to use more tactical plays. As well as the fast and hard jams WARD feels familiar with, there was a bit of slow derby, keeping each other, and the screaming fans, on their toes. Despite best efforts from Screams’ stars Steely Niel and Madamage, the score at half time stood at 60-40 to Sonic Doom.

The second half was faster than a TIE fighter, with just as many twists and turns, skaters flying all over the track, and multiple visits to the penalty box from each team, showing that neither was willing to go down without a fight. Doom’s Neon D’Fleur was thrown in the sin bin for a low block on Damanda Respect and Screams’ Face N Vada whizzed into the penalty box, wiping out the bench with her. At one point both jammers fought so hard for points that they were both taken out of play, with Hot Wheels and Dotty given time out simultaneously.

Sweat, grit and tactics. Image courtesy of Peter Granheim Photography.

Pressure was put on Sonic Doom by blockers I Scream, Whisky Sour, and Slam Krunk, but ultimately the force with the Doom was too strong, and the black and blue army screeched through to the end with a winning score of 135 to Electric Screams’ 96. But what’s this? Sonic Doom’s jedi warrior Karmen Adairya was caught under an almighty pile-up right at the final whistle. Although in pain, Karmen managed to soldier on for the end of season presentation and, supported by her team-mates, was willing to partake in both after party and after after party extravagance.

What does this mean for our fearless teams? After a gruelling season, we’ve seen no small amount of blood, sweat, and tears, along with plenty of joy and pain. What comes next? Will Electric Screams return next season to claim a long-awaited victory? Will Sonic Doom’s dominance continue? Who is the real Darth Vida? Find out all this and more in THE NEXT EPISODE…


Sonic Doom and Electric Screams ready for battle.

Bout of the Skating Dead

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Bo Skiddley & Damanda Respect. Image by Peter Granheim.

MILES of undead flesh and litres of fake blood made for a gruesome Saturday night as roller derby fans swarmed at the SpeedDome for Perth Roller Derby’s Halloween double header Bout of the Skating Dead.  WA Roller Derby made history with a convincing win against their cross-town rivals, scoring 143 to 90 against the Perth Roller Derby Rumble Bees. The Rumble Bees shot to an early lead in the first couple of jams but WARD slowly clawed their way back. Lightning fast packs sent jammers flying through, instead of into, the penalty box and some hard hits from both sides kept the game physical, if not brutal. WARD’s methodical goating controlled the pace and their unrelenting walls at the front of the pack made sure they didn’t give any points away without a fight. By half time they had a decent lead 76 to Rumble Bees’ 65.

Hot Wheels, MaDamage and Morgan Wildchild. Image by Peter Granheim.

Rumble Bees’ speed and aggression were evident, with Ja’Main Fear and Julia Killhard fairly flying around the track as their team’s main jammers; Polly Cystic and Morgan Wildchild also put in powerful performances. WARD seemed to gather confidence as the bout went on, their walls were solid, jammers nimble and they deftly controlled the pace of the pack for most of the second half. Notably, WARD played a different jammer for the first four jams and the depth of talent in the young team was clear. Stalwarts Hot Wheels, Serenity Pow and Ophelia Terror did the lion’s share of the jamming and Damanda Respect, Femme Ferox, Juicy M Suffer and Steely Niel were tactical blockers. After Modern Warfare’s outstanding full two minutes jamming in the final jam the teams were exhausted but jubilant with WARDs of the Skate taking home their very first win. Warfare took home Most Valued Player for her team and Julia Killhard was Most Valued for the Rumble Bees. Sadly, the Prime Minister did not take time out from CHOGM to congratulate her.

From the moment the Perth Roller Derby All Stars took to the track dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the audience knew it was in for a show and their bout against North Brisbane Rollers’ Brawl Stars did not disappoint. As always it is a treat to watch players like Annie Thingoes and Mary Fagdalene jam, but NBR’s control of the speed of the pack was exceptional. Hard hits from NBR’s players such as Oh Hell No were impressive and the speed and smarts of Annabell Lecter, Lil Gee Unit and Brandee Snapz as they jammed were a joy to watch. Posh Slice and Dirty KO were instrumental for PRD and the crowd just loved to see the home town girls scoring points but sadly it wasn’t enough. Going into half time the score was 126-65 to NBR.

The visitors’ ability to go from the slowest of slow derby to the fastest of packs to suit their need was impressive as was their gameplay. Late in the second half jammer Lil Gee Unit, upon being the second jammer sent to the box, hovered over her seat without sitting to force PRD jammer Posh Slice to serve out her time, proving NBR brought the tactics to outwit the local girls. NBR left the SpeedDome with a final score of 201 to 139 and left the local roller derby community with plenty of new ideas. Mary Fagdalene took home MVP for PRD and Janosaurus Wrecks was voted most valued for the Brawl Stars.

WARDs of the Skate and Perth Roller Derby Rumble Bees. Image by Peter Granheim.

The finale for PRD may have been held but don’t miss the climax of WA Roller Derby’s season, which will be held in a galaxy far, far away. Tickets are on sale now for Return of the Jammer on November 12. Tickets are just $11 for adults and $6 for children from Planet Video, Rolloways, Talk To Me Derby and online.

WA Roller Derby presents Return of the Jammer

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Derby girls do or do not, there is no try. For this last bout of the season WA Roller Derby is going to a galaxy far far away as Electric Screams aim for their first win against Sonic Doom in Return of the Jammer. Be there as WARD skaters emerge unharmed from their carbonite casing ready to fight another day. The odds may be stacked against them, but our jammers have the Force on their side as they dodge the heaviest hits with almost telepathic reflexes.

Join the rebel alliance at the Speed Dome for another great night out with half time entertainment, stalls and of course all the roller derby action. Sonic Doom won the last bout but the scores are becoming ever closer, is it time for Screams to overcome that powerful blue defensive line? Will Darth Vida be able to lead Doom to yet another victory or will Face N Vader’s Screams be able to shoot down their opposition? Whatever the outcome these are the roller derby teams you’re looking for.

Get a ticket and come along in your best Star Wars costume, have a pic taken with a representative of the 501st Legion and get ready to go to the Dark Side and back for an explosive end to the intraleague season.

What: WA Roller Derby presents Return of the Jammer.

Where: Midvale Speed Dome, Eddie Baron Drive, Midvale. Here’s a map.

When: Saturday, November 12. Doors open at 6pm first whistle at 7pm.

Tickets: $12 adults, $6 children between 2 and 12 years from Rolloways, Talk to Me Derby, Planet Video and online.

Block to the Future

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Sonic Doom and Electric Screams greet each other on the track. Photo courtesy of Peter Granheim Photography.

WA Roller Derby went back to the future Saturday night as Sonic Doom continued its unbeaten record winning 99 to 86 against the ever more powerful Electric Screams.  Block to the Future was full of WARD’s signature entertainment, from a DeLorean for photo opportunities to Sonic Doom’s dance-off style skate out, but the action on the track was still the highlight with the scores tied several times.

Screams’ jammers Hot Wheels and Ophelia Terror were beaten to near exhaustion by Doom’s heavy hitters Neon D’Fleur and WARD newcomer Femme Ferrox in the first few jams but the underdogs kept coming back. Doom’s effective defence was matched with the skill of jammers Serenity Pow and Dotty Deranged against whom Screams’ blockers Damanda Respect and  Juicy M Suffer put up strong resistance. The crowd was on the edge of its collective seat as the score tied 42 all going into half time. Band WrongTown entertained fans in the break but the fighting spirit was back on the track before the second half with WARD’s first ever and fiercely competitive Under 12s Balloon Race.

Damanda Respect, Serenity Pow and Ophelia Terror. Photo courtesy of Peter Granheim Photography.

In the second half the Screams fooled Doom with a quick show of aggression playing all-rounder Madamage and then the lithe Steely Niel as jammers to take the lead but the scores were tied again soon enough. Doom gave the Screams’ hopes short shrift and jammers Modern Warfare and crowd-pleaser Karmen Adairya opened up a narrow lead for the black and blue. Ferrox was noteable jamming in the second half, standing back from the jammer line to get a swift run up and having the blocking skills to match her speed.

Smart team play is the beginning and the end of every roller derby bout and this remained true for Sonic Doom at Block to the Future. From wise line-up choices to hard hitting, Doom did everything to maintain its unblemished win tally. Screams was due for a win this time and fought bravely but faced a solid wall of Doom blockers time and time again. Slow starts and knee down starts were used sparingly and the crowd cheered for more right up to the end. The efforts of Screams’ Madamage and Respect were rewarded with most feared player and most valued player respectively, while Doom’s Adairya and Warfare took out the prizes for their team.

The bitter end of this season will be a battle fought in a galaxy far far away. See the Screams and Doom face each other one last time this year at Return of the Jammer November 12. Tickets are on sale online now.

Meanwhile, don’t miss the chance to see WARD’s very best skaters line up against Perth Roller Derby’s Rumble Bees and Perth Roller Derby’s All Star team line up against North Brisbane Rollers Brawl Stars at the Night of the Skating Dead double header on October 29. Tickets on sale online now.

The Quads of War

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On a chilly evening in May, Perth roller derby fans crowded around the rink at the Quads of War bout to witness the first clash in what, hopefully, will be a long running and friendly cross town rivalry. From the suicide zone to the bleachers the crowd cheered as Bunbury Roller Derby put up a brave fight against home town team Perth Roller Derby’s Rumble Bees, but went down 177 to 82. However, as spectators grabbed drinks in between the two bouts, they had no idea how massive this, Perth’s first ever double header, interleague event, really was.

PRD All Stars is, clearly, a strong, skilled team but from the moment our WARDs of the Skate entered the rink to the beats of It’s a Hard Knock Life, they owned the hearts and minds of the sell-out crowd. WARD skated hard during a gut wrenching first few jams in which PRD’s blockers and jammer Annie Thingoes rocketed PRD several grand slams up before WARD could get a score on the board. Undeterred, the WARD Horde cheered for our skaters and finally lifted the roof as Hot Wheels got WARDS first single point.

The bout was a tough battle, with every single point fought hard for by WARD against a powerful opposition. By half time, WARD had closed some ground, with the score at 99 to 33 as the Horde grabbed a drink to ease their strained vocal chords. In the second half WARD jammer Serenity Pow made her guts and impressive speed felt, but was effectively blocked by PRD. Far from frustrated, Sen persevered to come out with MVP. Hot Wheels was dangerous as jammer, and each time she came around the track the WARD Horde roared its approval. On the PRD side, Annie Thingoes and Cat Cholera worked magic for their team. Though PRD proved to be too much for the WARDs of the Skate this time, the (very loud) support of the valuable WARD fans meant our girls left the Speed Dome with smiles on their faces, despite the final score of 188 to 76. The new kids on the block may not have been victorious on this occasion, but they certainly made themselves heard.

Watch this space for news of WARD’s upcoming intraleague season, in which the Electric Screams and the Sonic Doom will do battle on the track.