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Roller Derby Bout Preparation – What do you eat and drink?

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It’s bout day.  What do you eat and drink to get the best performance at the game ?  This is what works for me…

I know this is not the perfect approach.  But it works well for me. It worked well when I was a competition speed skater for both short and long distance events. It has also worked well recently when I have competed in roller derby. My preparation begins the night before the game. I avoid food that helps to build muscle and instead focus on food that will provide energy for the game.

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Bearing Press Review – I’m Loving the Bones Hand Press

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I have used four bearing presses over the years. Most have worked well, but they are big and clunky to carry around in my already over stuffed skate bag. I bought a Bones Bearings Press Puller recently and it worked great. You can use it to both remove bearings and also press them in. Unfortunately for me, its for 8mm axles only. Like many speed skaters I use 7mm axles and the tool does not work for them, buts it’s great for derby skaters. These sell around less than $20, a lot cheaper than the $60+ bearing presses and its small enough to keep in your pocket.  Its painful when you fall on it though (yeah I did that) so maybe best to keep in your skate bag. Changing bearings takes time and can be messy if you put too much oil in them.  I recommend that you buy a few sets of bearings so you wont have to be pulling bearings out every time you change wheels.

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We are nuts! Loosen them.

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Many roller derby skaters have their wheel nuts too tight.  Loosen them if you want to skate faster.

If the wheel nuts is too tight it will rub against the bearing, causing friction which causes the bearings and wheels to spin slower.
In a nutshell (see what I did there), overly tightened nuts are like a brake and they slow you down.

The solution is easy, loosen the wheel nuts a little and your wheels will roller faster and longer.
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