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Rose City Rollers weekend

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Mel Mangles and ScratcherInTheEye explain a drill.

WA Roller Derby skaters went home full of new ideas and skills to practice after a boot camp with visiting Rose City Rollers Mel Mangles and ScratcherInTheEye this weekend. With tips on blocking, footwork and strategy on offer, skaters from WARD, Gold City Rollers, Dread Pirate Rollers, Perth Roller Derby and Perth Roller Derby soaked in all they could over two big days.

Mangles and Scratcher were as knowledgeable and friendly as you would expect and answered all the girls’ questions as they put them through their paces. On the Saturday night they joined WARD and fans at a screening of Brutal Beauty: Tales of the Rose City Rollers in Fremantle and answered audience questions ranging from athleticism vs show-womanship to maintaining the passion after the hard yards. Check out the photos from the night on our Facebook page.

Gold City Rollers with Rose City's Mangles and Scratcher.

Great big thanks go to Mangles and Scratcher for sharing their knowledge and to all the WARD girls who made the weekend a big success. The skaters will be full of renewed enthusiasm at training as they work on new techniques, hits and tactics. Check out the Rose City girls’ blog Brutal Beauty Bootcamp Tour for updates on their travels.

WARD's travel team Wards of the Skate with Rose City's Mangles & Scratcher.

WA Roller Derby presents: Brutal Beauty Tales of the Rose City Rollers

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Roller derby, a full contact sport played on roller skates, was born in the United States in the 1930s and flourished until the 1970s and 80s when it faded out of the spotlight. In 2001 a revival started and thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of leagues such as Portland, Oregon’s Rose City Rollers it is now a truly international movement and the fastest growing women’s sport in the world.

In the spirit of international roller derby love, WA Roller Derby is proud to bring to you the Australian Premiere of Brutal Beauty: Tales of the Rose City Rollers. For more than a year and a half, an embedded film crew documented the thrills and spills of derby life with this US league. Not only do the Rose City Rollers tell how roller derby saved their souls, our special guests, Rose City skaters Mel Mangles and ScratcherIntheEye will be taking questions after the screening. Find out more about the film here and get your tickets before they’re all gone!

What: Brutal Beauty – Tales of the Rose City Rollers.

When: 6.30pm, Saturday, January 21.

Where: Fremantle Town Hall, 8 William Street, Fremantle.

Tickets: $15 online now!

Other things: Doors open at 6pm and there will be snacks and drinks available for purchase thanks to our sponsor Little Creatures Brewing Company. The film is unrated and contains coarse language so bring your kids at your own discretion.

Gold City Rollers presents: The Fight Before Christmas

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Twas the Fight Before Christmas, when all through the house…
A creature was stirring, but it ain’t no mouse…
There were stockings so holey, and short shorts to wear…
Excitement was building, soon bout day would be there!

The season may over but derby girls don’t like to sit still for long. So Perth’s WARD girls are packing their bags and heading to meet their Gold City Rollers sisters on the track in Kalgoorlie. Christmas is all about family, after all, so the teams will be divided into Slay Belles and Silent Fights for some good old pot-luck fun. Last time Kalgoorlie hosted a bout some unlucky fans missed out so get your tickets, slip into your Christmas best and go see some festive derby action.

What: The Fight Before Christmas, Slay Belles vs Silent Fights

Where: Brookman Street Basketball Stadium, Kalgoorlie.

When: Saturday, December 3. Doors open 6.30pm, first whistle 7.30pm.

Tickets: $10 from Celebration City and Brookman Street Basketball Stadium. Children under 5 are free.

Bout of the Skating Dead

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Something evil is lurking at your local roller derby venue; derby skaters from coast to coast are succumbing to the clutches of the undead. Slowly but in ever greater numbers, skaters from WA Roller Derby, Perth Roller Derby and North Brisbane Rollers lurch towards Midvale Speed Dome on October 29 for a big Halloween double header, The Bout of the Skating Dead. Grab your chainsaw, load the shotgun and prepare to fight your way into the WARD Horde to cheer on your All Star team against the Perth Roller Derby Rumble Bees.

This year roller derby in WA was opened up to visiting leagues. Since WA’s very first interstate bout WARD versus South Sea Roller Derby in July, PRD has met Adelaide Roller Derby and now hosts the North Brisbane Brawl Stars. Will Perth Roller Derby be able to improve on its margin from the bout against the Adeladies? What tricks will the Brawl Stars be able to teach the local derby community?

WARD girls haven’t donned the black and green of the WARDs of the Skate all-star team since that SSRD bout and they’ll be itching to represent the league. The last time WARD met PRD it ended in a loss for our girls, but this time around we have a new line up of our most fearsome skaters and the experience of four more bouts under our short-shorts. They’ve done their cardio, they’ve stocked the basement and boarded up the windows. Will they be able to put that double tap to the head of this epic rivalry when they hit the track?

Get your tickets and head to Midvale to see three great leagues satisfy their hunger for braaaaains. But be warned, these derby girls won’t stay dead.

What: Perth Roller Derby presents Bout of the Skating Dead.

When: Saturday, October 29. Doors open 5pm, first whistle is at 5.45pm.

Where: Midvale Speed Dome, Eddie Barron Drive, Midvale. Here’s a map.

Tickets: $17 adults, $6 children from Morley Rollerdrome, Talk To Me Derby or online.

See you at Bout of the Skating Dead

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The whistle has blown, the jammers have hit 88 miles and hour and oh how far they’ve traveled! Watch this space for all the hits, stacks and plutonium fueled action from Block to the Future in the coming days.

In the meantime, get ready to see the our all star team WARDs of the Skate rock Perth Roller Derby’s B team, before Perth Roller Derby’s all stars meet North Brisbane Rollers Brawl Stars in another interleague double header! Get on your green & black and perfect your zombie shuffle for this massive October 29 bout. Tickets on sale now.

WA Roller Derby: Block to the Future

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Great Scott! Two WA Roller Derby teams have checked the flux capacitor and hit 88 miles an hour to bring you the second intraleague bout for the season, Block To The Future. Get yourself a ticket, grab your team colours and fasten your seat belts to watch as Electric Screams and Sonic Doom hit the gas on another action packed roller derby battle.

Doom won by just 12 points last time they met the Screams, but could the underdog turn back the clock on their opposition’s past form? Armed with the foreknowledge of their opponents’ strengths, both teams can put their new line ups to good use on the track and roll out some tactics to take this rivalry up to the next level.

The new Screams side now has talented players such as Hot Wheels, Whisky Sour and Ophelia Terror, could the Dooms first loss just be a matter of time? Or will Doom stalwarts Karmen Adairya, Serenity Pow and captain Taye Q Down put the brakes on Screams’ ambitions?

After last bout’s close score both teams will bring their best games. Hold on to your hoverboards because this bout is going to get heavy.

What: Block to the Future – Electric Screams Vs Sonic Doom

When: Saturday, October 8. Doors open at 6pm, first whistle at 7pm.

Where: SpeedDome, Eddie Barron Drive, Midvale.

Tickets: $11 adults, $6 children from Rolloways, Talk To Me Derby and Planet Video or online. Don’t forget to let us know you’ll be there on Facebook.

Other things: The SpeedDome gets a little chilly, so best you bring a jacket. If you intend to sit trackside you do so at your own risk and you must be over 18 (we also recommend you bring a cushion). This event has a licensed section. Food and drink, as well as merchandise, will be available but the venue has no ATM so bring cash.

Kalgoorlie Bloody Valentine Bout

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There’s something EPIC going on in the desert. For the first time ever the skaters you love from your very own WA Roller Derby will be on track with girls from Perth Roller Derby & Bunbury Roller Derby in a red hot exhibition bout brought to you by the Gold City Rollers.

Teams, Rotten Candy and Bleeding Hearts, will be a select mix of some of the best skaters in WA so join the mass exodus of derby fans that weekend & head to Kal for a road trip to remember …. We’ll see you there!

  • Sat 12th of Feb
  • Brookman Street Basketball Stadium, Cnr Brookman & Outridge, Kalgoorlie.
  • Doors Open at 6pm – First Whistle at 7pm
  • Tickets available from Celebration City, Brookman Street Basketball Stadium and online. Adult $10, Children $5 (booking fees may apply depending on outlet)