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Very Entertaining

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WA Roller Derby is selling Entertainment Books to help kick start our fundraising for the year. The deal is you pay $65 for some of the hottest offers in town and we get $15 to help pay for our goals for the year. It’s win-win!

They’ll be available in May, but you can order them right now because we love to make things easy for you. Go here to order and pay securely and sit back and let the deals come to you.

Delicious Donations

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This month WA Roller Derby is in Grill’d Claremont Quarter’s Local Matters program. The deal is that Grill’d has $500 to give away. Each time you get a burger you will be invited to put a token in one of three jars, each corresponding to a local not-for-profit organisation. At the end of the month the organisation with the most tokens will receive $300, the second most will get $200 and third will receive $100.

It’s all very technical but some of our skaters popped in to sample the burgers and can attest to their being both delicious and served with a smile. Get down to Grill’d Claremont Quarter in February and make sure you place a vote for your local derby girls.