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Refereeing can be a great way to get involved.  You don’t have to wear quad skates – you can use inline skates if that’s your preference.  This position is also open to dudes so guys get involved!

If you’re not too confident on your skates you could consider becoming a non-skating official (NSO).  NSOs time bouts, keep track of penalties and keep the score.

Both refereeing and NSOing are great ways of getting your head around the rules so when you do play you’ve got all the tricks up your sleeve.

Become a WA Roller Derby Referee

Become a WA Roller Derby NSO

Fresh Meat

Love your old skool quad skates? Head on over to the Join Us page for all your juicy info!

Fresh Meat


If you’d like to help us out but aren’t quite ready for the rough and tumble of the sport, consider offering to volunteer. Maybe you have some special skills you can bring to our league or maybe you can just help out at the odd event by taking tickets at the door or showing people where to sit. If you volunteer at an event you also get free entry and masses of derby love and gratitude, so don’t hesitate.


Coaching is a great way to be involved with the sport if you’re bruise-shy, missing one of the required X chromosomes, or just love skating.  You don’t need to be a great skater – but it helps if you have either a derby or another type of skating background.

WARD will be able to give you some help with getting drills together, planning lessons and teaching the rules.

Because roller derby is so new in Australia, there isn’t any coaching accreditation courses you can do  – yet.  But we have been assured that Skate Australia are working hard on this, so soon there will be a formal course for you to take, which will allow you to also get coaches insurance from Skate WA.  Stay tuned…

And, of course, if you’d like any help and don’t really know how to start, don’t hesitate to email us.  There are often derby camps around Australia, held by various leagues, so keep an eye out for them also.

Bladey Jane gives Dredpool some air time

Bladey Jane gives Dredpool some air time – Photo Peter Granheim