Become a WA Roller Derby NSO

Not interested in, or unable to take up skating? No worries! Are you a new skater looking for a great way to learn the rules whilst working your way through Fresh Meat? Awesome! Become a Non-Skating Official!

As a Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA) league, WA Roller Derby (WARD) Non-Skating Officials officiate games to the highest possible standards. If you’re over 18, and think you have the potential for:

  • High speed analytical and observational skills
  • Impartiality and even-handedness

…then becoming a WARD NSO is perfect for you!

Non Skating Officials

In every roller derby game there are 11 NSOs working 9 different roles. We provide regular training to allow you to get familiar and confident in each role, and give you opportunities to try your new found knowledge at low-key practice games (scrimmages). When you feel you are ready, we’ll roster you on as a Non-Skating Official in one of our many public games.

NSO roles include:

  • Jam Timer
  • Penalty Box Timers
  • Score Trackers
  • Penalty Trackers
  • Line-up Trackers
  • and many more…

More Information

For more information, we can be contacted at anytime by emailing

If you simply can’t wait to get started, here are a few links that may interest you:

  • WFTDA TV: recordings of roller derby games from throughout WFTDA
  • The WFTDA Ruleset: the roller derby rulebook
  • The Hand Signals: notice the referees making hand signals at games or on This is a guide to what they all mean
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To get involved…

We can be contacted at any time by emailing…