Become a WA Roller Derby Referee

As a Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA)¬†league, WA Roller Derby (WARD) referees officiate games to the highest possible standards. If you’re over 18, and think you have the potential for:

  • High speed analytical and observational skills
  • Impartiality and even-handedness
  • A love of black and white vertical stripes and zebra-print clothing (optional!)

…then becoming a WARD on-skates official is perfect for you!

Never Skated Before?

That’s OK – most of our members never skated prior to joining WARD, and now we have one of the largest pools of bouting skaters and referees in the state. To start, sign up as a level one skater. From there, we will teach you the basics of skating – how to skate, stop, and safely fall.

After you pass a basic skills assessment, you can start to focus on the theory side. Then pass some basic rules testing you’ll officially be a trainee referee at WARD, allowing you to attend WARD’s referee training sessions, and practice at our scrimmages. From there, you can develop your skills until you are ready to be one of the referees at our games.

Already an Experienced Skater?

If you are already an experienced quad or inline skater, then all you’ll need to do is a cycle of level one training and an assessment to confirm you have all the skills you need for reffing. Then, you’ll do the theory test and ref training outlined above!

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