Fresh Meat

We’re always looking for new skaters and we accept fresh meat throughout the year. We have training locations all over the Perth metropolitan area.

Our fresh meat training program runs on a twelve week cycle so if you’re interested in skating, send us an email.

If you can’t skate, don’t worry; some of our best skaters put wheels on their feet for the first time when they joined fresh meat. We have training locations both north and south of the river so you’ll find somewhere to train near you.

Have questions? Check out the Freshmeat FAQ!

Fresh Meat

Come along and meet our skaters and see what it’s like to train.  We have new intakes every twelve weeks.  We so look forward to meeting you.

Skater Training Rundown 

To give you an idea of what to expect have a look at the table below and check out all the rad skills that you’ll learn during our twelve week training cycle. Once you join WARD you’ll get access to our skater calendar with up-to-date training and scheduling info, as what you see below is just a guide.

Falls & Stops
Glides & Hopping
Squatting & Weaving
Jumping & Toe-stop Running
C-turns, Backwards skating & Transitions
Whips & Assists
Partner & Pack-work

…But I Don’t Want To Get Hit!

Male? Or don’t like the idea of being hit? You’re already an awesome blader? You are known amongst your friends as being a bit of a stickler when it comes to rules? Come along to the next Fresh Meat intake and become a Referee. WARD is always looking for recruits to Team Zebra – without them we couldn’t play derby! To get more info check out the become a WA Roller Derby referee page.

…But I Can’t Skate!

Not too keen on learning to skate but still want to get involved? Become a Non-Skating Official (NSO) and join Team Flamingo, or join as a Volunteer! For more info check out the become a WA Roller Derby NSO page.

WA Roller Derby Fresh Meat