Why did you join roller derby?

I love being active and wanted to do something different and fun, like roller derby. I skated as a kid and still had my old figure skate boots. Also, Jewel 2D Death worked as my organisation’s administration officer and had put up a few flyers inviting people to join ‘Freshmeat’. So I thought, I have pursued individual sporting pursuits for such a long time, why not give a team sport a go, something like roller derby? I just love how each week I learn something new, further develop my skills, and incrementally get a better understanding of the sport. Plus, it’s heaps of fun and there’s a really great bunch of people that you get to meet.

What are your derby goals/aspirations?

I am nearly 39 and I want to inspire other women to know that despite your age, anything is possible. I strive to maintain my personal fitness. I see a personal trainer on a weekly basis to balance my body and push me further than I would necessary push myself. I do yoga and body balance at the gym to stretch me out and help with my flexibility. I also see numerous health professionals to support my wellbeing, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and masseurs. That said, I returned to derby after a break due to illness and am now really keen to play my first game with WayWARDS on the 29th March 2015, passing my Level 4 assessments, and then representing the Electric Screams at the next home bout.

Embarrassing derby moments?

Where do I start? Within my first few sessions of skating I stacked it really bad and forgot to “pick a side”, landing directly on my coccyx (bum bone). It took me over a year and a half of health professionals sticking their fingers up my rear to finally release the muscle cramping. I’ve also numerous embarrassing moments with my first ever ‘scrim’ being the team tryouts. I didn’t really understand the game, had a vague idea about the rules, skated past the penalty box and had to do a second lap, as well as attracting heaps of penalties.


I work full-time as a Clinical Psychologist in the disability sector, empowering families who have children, adolescents, or adult offspring with an intellectual disability and/or Autism. I love the complexity of this work and the privilege of seeing all that’s going on for a family. That said, I am a ‘people-person’ and love personal development opportunities, engaging in courses, and reading self-improvement books. I am also keen to start a business for myself and am in the process of fine-tuning that opportunity, so watch this space! With all the work, derby training, and other physical activities that I pursue, I seem to have little ‘down-time’, but when I do, I like to investigate property investment opportunities, house renovations, and sharing a glass of champagne or white wine with friends.


I’m really clear about what I like, so my dislikes would be the polar opposite of that. However, if something needs to be written, I really would like people to consider the impact of them not washing their roller derby gear!