Die Lithium

Why did you join roller derby?

I was looking for fun ways to improve my fitness and the gym has never really appealed. Skating is something I’ve always loved and when I saw a fresh meat intake for WARD, it seemed a natural way to go.

What are your derby goals/aspirations?

To learn more on how to be an effective player, so I have my team’s back.

Embarrassing derby moments?

Perhaps when I received my first whip as a freshie from Rampage during a warm up game.  I felt like I was going 100km an hour and had no idea on how to stop at that speed – falling small did not occur at the time.  I went smack into a wall, was not hurt at all, got straight back up and was ready for more.


I’m always busy, I do ceramics and help our with the league as much as I can.


Being scared! This whole derby journey I’ve gone on has been as much about conquering my fears as well as improving my skating skills.

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