Why did you join roller derby?

It started as a bit of a joke amongst friends, trying to find a new sport for me to play. Someone suggested my ‘stocky frame’ and skating background made derby a good choice… I decided to give it a go and haven’t looked back since!

What are your derby goals/aspirations?

To be as good as my WARD idols… Karmen, Bowie, Jewel… actually, my goal is just to know what the hell I am doing!

Embarrassing derby moments?

Probably during my first scrimmage – I was jamming, and found myself in a power jam. I approached the pack feeling very confident, went to plow stop and did a massive face plant for absolutely no reason.


Travel, movies, books… food.


Where do I start? Tomatoes, selfish and rude drivers, tomatoes, sleeping on planes, tomatoes… seriously, tomatoes are just disgusting. Does anyone actually like those things?

Famous last words…

All things are hard… before they become easy. Er… when does derby become easy?

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