Why did you join roller derby?

I had skated all my life as a figure skater, speed skater and roller hockey player and was playing inline hockey for the state when roller derby came to town in 2008. I started coaching for the first team, the Perth Roller Derby on the day of its inception. I loved to skate and had a fighting arts background after owning a martial arts dojo and practising as a ninja for 10 years and derby seemed like something I could use those skills I already had acquired.

What are your derby goals/aspirations?

I had no aspirations coming into this sport but it has managed to go beyond anything I could have ever dreamed. I have played in every state in Australia and 5 different countries, became the poster girl for Crazy Skates International in 2011 and even starred in a TV series in Singapore in a roller derby episode. Now I captain my league’s A team and I’m aspiring to maybe retire soon, or maybe play another two years and make it 10 years of derby….. who knows?!

Embarrassing derby moments?

My team will tell you there are plenty, I’m always doing something wrong!


I still play ice hockey, roller hockey, extreme downhill mountain biking, and tennis. I like to water-ski and scuba dive in the summer. I also like martial arts and archery.


Derby drama and crying because THERE IS NO CRYING IN ROLLER DERBY!

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