Why did you join roller derby?

Curiosity and a need to do something for myself that didn’t need me to be awesome from the get-go. I didn’t know a soul but I couldn’t believe how friendly and inclusive everyone at WARD was. WARD was so organised and had so many different personalities that I felt I belonged straight away.

What are your derby goals/aspirations?

Just to keep plugging away and improving. Getting to training as much as family/work let me and really working at becoming an asset to my team. I’ve convinced my buddy Nails to co-coach our first freshie session together in the next rotation which will be great fun. My ultimate goal is to get past Tie-Knee Dancer when she’s blocking with her nut-cracking hips ­čśë

Embarrassing derby moments?

I try to get my first fall out of the way early at every training. If we had a yearbook, I’d probably be voted “most likely to fall whilst listening intently to the coach at team training”. I did bump into a teamie at my first scrim in-between jams and got put into the box by one ref and taken out by another. No penalty! Phew!

Committee Role

Bouting and Scrimmage Cooordinator


Me and my 2 young girls love to tend to our vege patch and our chickens. I love to bake for friends and family. I have a vintage caravan we take on regular trips. I love fresh white bread sandwiches with proper free-range ham, kewpie mayo and cornichons. Most of all I love SLEEP and would pay thousands of dollars for one decent nights sleep.


Whinging and poor quality chocolate. Glass half empty people.

Photo Credit

Peter Granheim Photography