Why did you join roller derby?

I was on the hunt for a fun form of exercise that didn’t murder my spirit like jogging did. A friend of mine (Regina Gore) in my uni drama club did roller derby, and I was like, how cool is that?? Now I’m Volunteer Coordinator, getting involved in all aspects of WARD and on my way to being a bouting skater – I couldn’t be happier!

What are your derby goals/aspirations?

To be in a team by 2016. To pass my level 3 assessment. To pass my ref assessments. To get lower and hit harder, and get those damn 27 laps!!! To someday knock down one of my derby idols. To be on ManCo someday!!! I want to do ALL the things!

Embarrassing derby moments?

Every couple of weeks I approach an unsuspecting derby pal with the “smell my pads” line… Always followed with an “euuurgh Luna!!” Sorry not sorry. I also discuss my bowel movements at training a lot and loudly. I think somehow I should be more embarrassed about these things…

Committee Role

Volunteer Coordinator


Garlic bread, poetry, cheap wine, puppies, and booty shorts. All the booty shorts!!


Difficult poops, ankle/knee injuries, toe stops flying off, misogyny in all its forms, tight mouth guards, and wrist pad smell.