Mr. Zed

Why did you join roller derby?

To find out where Xanadon’t was spending so much time.

What are your derby goals/aspirations?

Improve my refereeing. Enjoy the training. Help.

Embarrassing derby moments?

One bout, fancied myself as being able to skate faster then the outside pack ref in front of me, so I had to overtake, right? At that point, without any outside help, I just tripped and ended up in the crowd. The pack, and the other ref who was dutifully doing her job, were long gone while I was trying to extricate myself from the suicide zone!


Toast. No…not just any toast…but a kiss crust slice. Sliced so thickly that you toaster is almost busting when you wedge the thing in. Then you toast it to a light brown, and get it out straightaway. Peanut butter on…immediatement! Let it sit for a while, then we start to see the formation of deep ravines of peanut butter rivers through ridges of crisp toast. OK, I have to stop and have a lie down now or I get a nose-bleed from the excitement.


Diss my likes? Toast? Are you kidding me?

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