Why did you join roller derby?

My friend Snappa joined and kept on at me about it and eventually wore me down so I came down to check it out. I have an artistic background and hadn’t been on skates for about 20 years and I really missed it so it all came together perfectly. One class as a freshie and I was hooked.

What are your derby goals/aspirations?

To communicate more on track. To learn more about being a better team player and not just take up space out there! To remember to learn from my mistakes and not to beat myself up too badly when I make them – everyone will do that for me on the track!

Embarrassing derby moments?

I ran over something on the rink as a freshie and went down so hard I winded myself badly. Opened my eyes to see everyone standing over me and couldn’t tell anyone I was ok as I couldn’t speak!
And in my second scrim I made a total idiot of myself as the penalty box was full and I didn’t know if I could skate anti-derby to re-enter the pack so I kind of went this way then that way then just stood there like a confused loser until I figured it out!


Family = hubby, daughter, son, dog & cat. I love hanging out with my friends and I love to laugh. Bali is my second home and I am not ashamed to admit I am the biggest John Farnham fan! I’m also a summer girl – bring on the heat. And I love a good sav blanc.


Rude people and people that push in. Cruelty to animals. And then there are the pen clickers and foot tappers… they do my head in! Oh and olives – urgh!