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Welcome to WA Roller Derby

WA Roller Derby was formed in 2009 to bring the fastest growing women’s sport in the world, to all corners of this remote city. The league is a grassroots, volunteer run, not-for-profit sports organisation. Flat track roller derby is a fast-paced all-female contact team sport. It evolved from its bank-tracked sister in 2001 and it has quickly grown to encompass more than 400 leagues worldwide. Roller Derby is more than just a sport it’s a culture and a lifestyle. It draws folks from all walks of life to train hard and play even harder. Australia boasts over 1,000 registered skaters with 21 leagues spread out over seven states.

Home Season Score Board 2014

Bout 1 Saturday 9th August

Birthday Bash - Score: Electric Screams 207 - Sonic Doom 188

Bout 2 Saturday 20th September

Duel of the Jammers - Electric Screams v Sonic Doom

Bout 3 Grand Finale Saturday 1st November

Ghostblockers - Electric Screams v Sonic Doom

Home Season Score Board 2013

Bout 1 Saturday 8th June

Bout of Thrones – Score: Electric Screams 195 – Sonic Doom 96

Bout 2 Saturday 13th July

The Great Smacksby – Score: Electric Screams 139 – Sonic Doom 190

Bout 3 Grand Finale Saturday 24th August

Science Friction – Score: Electric Screams 219 – Sonic Doom 173

WA Roller Derby Celebrating 5 Years

Bouting News

Next on the agenda is the grand final of our home season 2014, Screams won the first bout and Dooms the second so our third and final bout is the decider.

The Boom State Clash was a huge success once again this year and WA Roller Derby’s WARDs of the Skate ranked 2nd in the state with The WayWARD Rollers ranking fourth. Well done to both teams, we’re so proud of you. You can see some of the action on our Instagram @warollerderby.

WA Roller Derby’s WayWARDs took on Margaret River’s Cabernet Savages on the 15th of February and it was a nail biting-battle until the very last minute. WayWARDs pulled ahead in the eleventh hour winning by a hair’s breath. WARDs of the Skate were victorious in their bout against Murder City Roller Derby on the 29th of March. WayWARDs travelled all the way to Kalgoorlie on the 6th of April, after eight hours on a bus we got on the track and played the Gold City Rollers. It was a exciting game with both teams drawn at half-time. Gold City Rollers won the game with just a five point lead. Well done to our friends from the wild west.

Game on, the count down to the grand final 2014 is on…


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